Landscape Supply Delivery

We are able to deliver landscape supplies 6 days a week, you can expect your delivery within just 1-3 days! We can also accommodate preferred dates of delivery; just make a note of your ideal day for drop-off in the special delivery instructions during your online check-out.

  • Zone 1 - Picton (to Chuckery Hill/Golf Course/Home Hardware/Tripp Road/May Road) - $40
  • Zone 2 - Glenora (past Chuckery Hill), Lake on the Mountain, Bloomfield - $55
  • Zone 3 - West Lake, Wellington, Milford, Demorestville, Cherry Valley (Salmon Point) - $65
  • Zone 4 - Waupoos, Cressy, Prinyers Cove, Consecon, Rednersville, Ameliasburgh - $90
  • Zone 5 - South Bay, Long Point, Hyucks Point, Hillier, Belleville, Adolphustown - $125
  • 6-10yrds = Delivery x2.
  • Max. Mulch/Soils Quantity per standard load = 8 yards
  • Max. Agreegates Quantity per standard load = 5 yards

Delivery Placement

We will never dump your load in an inconvenient location, and will only leave your order in the exact spot that you specify. Your product will be left in a neat and easy-to-access pile, and we will treat your property with care and attention. We do not drive on grass and respect your neighbours by avoiding their property as well. All we need is just a little room to manoeuvre, so you can really help us out by moving any parked cars or obstacles out of the way before we get there.